Full-Time Placements

Our full-time placements are considered 30+ hours per week.  With this service we find the perfect care match for your family, and provide a wide range of services.  From basic child care, to whole house help, we have you covered.  Most importantly, we guarantee coverage, so even if your regular caregiver is sick, or has their own family emergency, because we have a team of caregivers, we still have you covered!

Part-Time Placements

Our part-time placements are considered less than 30 hours per week.  With this service you have the benefit of the full-time placements, just with less hours, including the same guarantee!

On-Call Services

Even if you need occasional services, we have you covered.  We have a solid team of on-call caregivers that are just as committed as our full, and part-time staff.  Although you may not always have the same caregiver every time, you and your children will always have a quality experience!


Have an event coming up?  Let us know!  We cover weddings, business events, birthdays, etc.  Whether at a home, or other venue, we have you covered!


Only have the need for care once a year, or other seasonal needs?  So does our college student staff, so we can meet those needs too!

One-Time Services

Are you visiting from out of town?  Do you have visitors with children visiting from out of town?  We have immediate needs covered as well!

1st Choice Nanny Service, LLC is an equal opportunity employer